Women’s Health

Growing up, I had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food and I always fluctuated up and down in weight. I turned to food for comfort and had zero awareness of what I was actually eating and how it affected my body. 

I was spending huge amounts of money on expensive vitamins and in a bid to find that magic weight loss pill I’d order anything on the internet that promised me quick weight loss results while I could still sit on the sofa and drink wine.

…you can read more about my story here

I really believe so many women go through what I’ve been through – the emotions we attach to food and I want to empower women to know we can still eat well and feel amazing and how our thoughts also have a huge effect on our health.

Healthy Snacks 

I wanted to create something that makes myself AND others FEEL good. To produce products that don’t create that horrible guilt after being eaten. To really feel like my body and my customer’s bodies are being nourished with my healthy snacks.

I feel so passionate about how refined sugar affects the body and how so many of us are addicted to it. It’s my mission to educate women to know they can still enjoy amazing treats and snacks without putting rubbish into their bodies.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and giving up sugar isn’t just about eating a few salads and hitting the gym, its SO much more than that. Which is why I have created a happy and healthy way with a holistic approach for women to kick-start their healthy lifestyles.

If you’d like help with your health goals or would like some guidance on your current diet, I offer a women’s holistic health and wellness plan:

This is for you if you’re:

  • Feeling stuck with your health goals
  • Looking for a personalised healthy eating plan, recipes & inspiration
  • In need of support and guidance from someone with experience
  • Looking to cut down on sugar and not sure where to start
  • Would like to lose some weight
  • Would like a holistic approach to wellness

There’s no weighing, no measuring, no syns or points! Just real wholesome food with a holistic approach to health and wellness for your mind and body.

What’s included in the plan?

  • personalised 7 day meal plan(avoiding any foods you don’t eat)
  • Advice on your current diet– I’ll ask you to send me a food diary of what you eat at the moment so I can see what improvements need to be made
  • All the information and tools to build your own healthy and delicious meals
  • Yummy and easy recipeswith your food plan
  • Three at home workouts which can be done anywhere and anytime
  • healthy lifestyle food guidewith lots of helpful tips on eating well
  • Two delicious breakfast recipes for my sugar free flapjacks and coconut banana muffins
  • mindfulness and meditation guideto heal the mind along with your body
  • You’ll be placed into a private Facebook group with other women on their health journeys who are on my one 2 one plans. This is a safe space we can all help, love and support each other

Please feel free to send me a message or email if you would like any more information or if you’d like to chat further.

Love Natasha x