Why No Sugar?

Nutritional Advice

I discovered 18 months ago that sugar was having a huge impact on my health and was the reason for a lot of health problems I was suffering with; including being overweight, sluggish in the afternoons and having terrible stomach problems that a lot of doctors put down to that good old ‘IBS’ excuse!

I tried cutting out wheat, gluten, dairy, red meat etc etc over the years, and saw no improvement on my health. Whilst in New Zealand in October 2015 I watched a documentary called ‘Cereal Killers’ which is about the impact sugar has on our bodies. This lead me onto another documentary called ‘That Sugar Film’ which changed my whole perspective on nutrition. I discovered by cutting out processed foods and going ‘sugar free’, I lost that unwanted weight, I had a new found energy, my skin became clear, my stomach problems disappeared and I even ate less!

So whats the deal with Sugar?

When I say ‘sugar free’, I really mean Fructose free. Fructose is the part of sugar, which spikes our blood sugar level and causes our bodies to store fat.

Why is fructose bad for us?

Our bodies can’t process Fructose, it heads straight to our liver and promotes fat storage. Fructose can only be processed by the liver, which increases the workload and potentially contributes to fatty liver disease.

Fructose is addictive

Some studies say it’s more addictive than cocaine and heroin. Back in the caveman days we gorged on sugar as it was rare and sparse, so this means our bodies are designed to over eat fructose because it’s such a great source of fat.

Fructose makes us eat more

Ever wondered why you can’t just stop at one biscuit or one square of chocolate? Fructose doesn’t trigger our hunger hormone which means we can keep eating it without ever feeling satisfied. It also increases another hormone, ghrelin, which makes us want to eat more.

Fructose makes us sick

Countless studies link fructose consumption to many disorders, including cancer and diabetes.

I believe sugar is the number one reason why people are overweight. Cutting out sugar is probably the best way to get rid of fat and unwanted weight. Check the backs of jars and pre made sauces and you’ll see food manufacturers put sugar in almost anything, even potato crisps! Sugar is a great flavour enhancer and preservative, which is the reason ready meals and pasta sauces are packed with sugar. No wonder we struggle to be healthier!